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How to apply Audience Spectrum for effective e-comms


Applying The Audience Agency's Audience Spectrum (AS) segmentation to your email marketing campaigns can help you tailor your messages to different audience groups, leading to better engagement, increased conversions, and improved campaign results.

Here we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how to apply AS segmentation to an email marketing campaign.

We know that everyone will be at various stages in their journey in applying the segments to their marketing directly, so we have broken this guide into two sections; the first five steps, if you are just getting started and want clear and functional support about how to begin, then for those of you looking to delve deeper and explore further what the segments can do to support your e-marketing efforts.

This guide offers some practical support about how to use the segments day to day and create a common language between your teams about the audiences you are trying to target. While this guide centres on e-marketing, many of the same principles can be applied to your direct or more traditional marketing mix. Therefore, consider this as a reference if you are also planning other activity, for example a postal mailout or door drops.

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The Steps

Remember to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and data protection regulations and ensure that you handle your CRM and Audience Spectrum data in a secure and responsible manner.

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