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How to use Audience Spectrum to Enhance your Funding Applications


Applying for trusts and foundation funding is a competitive process, so your proposals should be clear, persuasive, and aligned with the values of the funding organisations.

Audience segmentation is a crucial aspect of creating effective funding applications, as it helps tailor your proposal to resonate with target groups.

The Audience Agency's Audience Spectrum segmentation is a framework that classifies the UK population based on their engagement levels with arts and culture and can help you to define the need in funding applications. Here we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how to apply Audience Spectrum Segmentation to your funding applications. We know that everyone will be at various stages in their journey in applying the segments to their fundraising efforts directly, so we have broken our guides into sections.

This guide offers some practical support about how to use the segments day to day and create a common language between your teams about audiences you are trying to meet the needs of through additional funding. Let's get started with the first step...

The Steps

Remember to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and data protection regulations and ensure that you handle your CRM and Audience Spectrum data in a secure and responsible manner.


Featured Case Studies

Audience Spectrum in Action | Securing Funding for a Circus Festival

While working for a large performing arts venue in the South East (England) a unique opportunity to experiment with segmentation on a larger scale became available with a newly conceived contemporary circus festival.