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What elements of Audience Answers are available for free?



Snapshot Survey and Insights

Any cultural organisation can set up a Snapshot survey free of charge. This survey is a standardised set of questions exploring the key characteristics of your audience/visitors: who they are, where they’re from, and how they rate their experience.

Survey results are then available at any time via your Audience Answers dashboard.

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Snapshot Ticketing Insights

Most ticketing systems can be connected to Audience Answers, with key insights then available free of charge in your dashboard. These include bookers, income, tickets and yield, along with a profile of your entire audience by Audience Spectrum segment. Your insights can be compared to a previous time period (e.g. last year versus this year) and benchmarked against other organisations of a similar size.

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Sector Data

The Sector Data area of Audience Answers is the place to find the latest ‘big picture’ insights into audience trends across the sector.

This includes national and regional sales patterns, alongside recent research into changing attitudes and behaviour. It’s also where you’ll find deep dives into audiences for different artforms and in the various UK nations and regions, and an interactive map of the whole UK population by Audience Spectrum segment.

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