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This group uses social media and smartphones daily but may not have access to a home computer, so may rely on school and library machines for homework.

General Engagement

This group, of all the segments, have amongst the highest use of the internet and email and are the most likely to use Facebook every day

  • They also frequent other social media and make extensive use of texting and free messaging.
  • Many do not have a landline, so their mobile phones are their communication channel and lifeline; it will invariably be a smartphone, or whatever comes with a basic package or pay-as-you-go service with some using the internet via a tablet rather than laptop or desktop computer.
  • Some will access information through computers at a local library.
  • They also have the highest take-up of games consoles, which may have been a popular way of keeping occupied during lockdown.

Arts and Culture

While their use of the internet is high, it may not be their primary source of information about cultural activities.

  • They do use social media to find out what’s happening locally and, for some, to chat about what they are doing, which may well include cultural activity.
  • A few have participated in some digital creativity – films or animations made on their home computer or smartphone, inspired by YouTube, TikTok and TV.
  • Otherwise they will be using online sources to access a wide range of entertainment, from YouTube to music-sharing sites for downloading music.

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