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Get insights on emerging trends in audiences behaviour, including changing demographics, new forms of digital engagement, and future projections.

Audience profiles, behaviours and attitudes change over time, though it can be difficult to observe them changing as it happens. Recent years have seen some substantial changes, and we have been tracking them as they happen, as well as looking to the future for their potential implications.

They can be driven by social and demographic changes (such as generational shifts in attitudes and engagement patterns), the impact of external events (e.g. the pandemic or economic circumstances), or innovations in cultural forms and formats (e.g. the rise of hybrid engagement). Cultural sectors (perhaps most acutely, but not exclusively, live events) are dependent on balances of factors that make particular types of culture flourish at different times. In this section, we look at those factors and try to look forward to their future combinations.

From The Audience Agency

Thinking about the future of audiences brings in many different areas. It means thinking about examples of innovation that are happening now, and how changes to technology could relate to changes to engagement. It also means being alert to what young people do, value and believe (since those are young now will [still] be audiences well into the future).

It also pushes us to look beyond what we can say about the present and the past based on observation, to using what we know to think about what could happen - and what we want to happen - in the future.
Oliver Mantell, Director of Evidence and Insight, The Audience Agency

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Exor Technology / Art UK
Art UK report arguing that the growth and market penetration of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to transform the experience of art in the coming decade.

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