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This dashboard shares sales data from Audience Answers in an interactive format that makes it easier to focus on and compare the art forms, audiences and time-periods that you are most interested in.

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The Audience Agency's nationwide longitudinal (ongoing) panel survey of changing views about participating in creative and cultural activities through the pandemic and beyond.


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Audience Spectrum

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Audience Spectrum is the most powerful segmentation tool for the UK cultural sector.

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Prosperous, liberal, highly-educated urbanites, passionately interested in a very wide cultural spectrum, concentrated in large metropolitan areas, particularly London.

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Commuterland Culturebuffs

Affluent, professional, keen and well-informed people who are regularly and highly engaged, connoisseurs in the artforms they choose.

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Experience Seekers

Highly active, younger and social career-minded graduates, they are frequent and eclectic arts engagers.

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Dormitory Dependables

Regular attenders living in suburbs and smaller towns, interested in heritage activities and mainstream arts and less likely to be attracted by contemporary offerings.

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Trips & Treats

Mainstream arts and popular culture fans influenced by children, family and friends.

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Home & Heritage

Rural and small town pensioners attracted to daytime activities and historical content.

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Up Our Street

Sociable retirees looking for inexpensive, mainstream, local leisure opportunities

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Frontline Families

Frugal, semi-urban renting families, light on arts and culture but heavy on community.

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Kaleidoscope Creativity

Mixed-age and many working in public or service sectors, often preferring free and local community festivals and art to engaging with public cultural institutions.

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Supported Communities

Many people in these groups live in social housing and may rely on financial support or experience multiple types of deprivation or poor health.

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In all UK nations and regions, the arts, culture and heritage sector has been faced with unprecedented challenges through the pandemic, and now the cost of living crisis, prompting organisations to adapt to new ways of working.


Different artforms in our community have faced specific challenges over recent years. See the latest insights from our research.