Support for Covid-19 safety measures is starting to ebb

April 2022

Cultural Participation Monitor Wave 6 | Spring 2022

This research is from The Audience Agency's nationwide longitudinal (ongoing) panel survey of changing views about participating in creative and cultural activities through the recent and ongoing crises, and beyond, the Cultural Participation Monitor.


Safety measures are rated as less important than they have been previously, but desire for them continues, with half of audiences still saying that they would not attend if precautions were removed all together.

Most people still say safety measures are important but, as the chart below shows, this has dropped quite significantly since November.

Figure 1. Bar chart of importance rating of various Covid-19 measures, November 2021 and March 2022.
Figure 1. Bar chart of importance rating of various Covid-19 measures, November 2021 and March 2022.
  • Support for only those with vaccination or test records attending has dropped the most.
  • As expected, due to their increased risk from Covid-19, the level of importance placed on measures increases with age group.
  • Most people also rate these measures as important Outdoors but in lower proportions.

Nearly half of people surveyed still said that if cultural organisations remove all Covid-19-related safety measures they would be less confident in attending.

  • Half also said organisations could make visiting more Covid-19 safe which is unchanged from November’s analysis.
  • Disabled people are more likely to say their removal of all measures reduced confidence, driven by those with mobility/breathing issues.
  • Half of people surveyed disagreed that the current COVID-19 safety measures were too extreme in relation to risk, with the rest split between neutral and agree, proportions unchanged from November.

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